Our Friends of the Community

Georgia Salaverri
Georgia Salverri is a full-time real estate professional. She specializes in taking care of her customers and satisfying their needs. Getting you the results you want is her #1 goal. Whether you are moving within the area or looking to relocate, Georgia will work with you every step of the way to make your real estate experience one that you will be pleased with. www.georgiasalaverri.com

Total Nutrition in Weston
Total Nutrition offers a wide variety of Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs designed to prevent & treat many of today’s ailments. They offer specialty brands as well to help combat the harmful effects that stress places on the human body & to detoxify and fight off the harmful toxins that attack on a daily basis. www.totalnutritiondirect.com

By the Strand
Rebecca Hill Spennato is a Master Hair Sylist at By The Strand Hair Salon in Weston. Rebecca excels at setting high standards for all of her clients. With a passion to fulfil your individual needs, each treatment combines the essential practices of the beauty profession with the most indulgent and thoughtful inclusions. www.bythestrandsalon.com



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Emery Wellness Center
17180 Royal Palm Blvd. Suite #4
WEston, FL 33326
phone: 954 659 9446
FAX:954 659 9447