Scientifically Proven Measuring Device to
Track Your RESULTS

The Emery Tracker is a comprehensive body composition analysis using bioelectrical impedance and is considered the most unique component of the Emery Wellness Weight-Loss Program.

The Emery Tracker provides measurements in pounds for your:

  • Body Fat
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bone Mass
  • Fluid Levels/Hydration
  • Daily Caloric Requirements

The assessment takes only a few minutes to complete and provides invaluable data when attempting to change body composition. Without The Emery Tracker there is no way of knowing if the weight you lose is body fat, muscle mass, or just water. Having this detailed feedback has been the key for the hundreds of people that have dramatically changed the size and shape of their body on the Emery Wellness Weight-Loss Program. The problem with body weight scales is that they measure everything--fat, muscle, bones, organs and even that sip of water you just had. The scale can't tell you what you've lost or gained, which is important information if you're trying to lose weight...and by weight, what we really mean is fat.

Below is a sample print out of what you will receive when you "Get Measured" with the Emery Tracker. You will be able to track your progress all the way through the program. The Emery Tracker helps you along your weight-loss journey by helping you to understand more clearly what the scale is saying. For instance, a particular client, one week, went on the scale and the number was the same as the previous week. She thought that she didn't lose any weight. We put in her body analysis measurements into the Emery Tracker which determined that she had lost 2lbs. of body fat and gained 2lbs. of muscle. After seeing this data it made sense why the scale didn't budge from her viewpoint. Majority of people would be discouraged by this but since she was able to view the data from the Emery Tracker and saw that she lost 2 lbs. of fat and replaced it with 2 lbs. of muscle she was ecstatic and was very motivated to continue through to the next week. Knowing your body fat percentage can give you a better idea of how much fat you really need to lose and, even better, whether you're making progress in your program...things your scale can't tell you. It's possible for your scale weight to remain the same, even as you slim down, especially if you're losing fat and gaining muscle.

Emery's Ultimate Body Analysis




Emery's Ultimate Body Analysis Measurement

One of the best parts of losing weight is seeing the number on the scale go down. The Emery Tracker provides invaluable data when it comes to trying to lose fat or gain muscle. Keeping track of your weight allows you to see trends in your weight loss to weight gain so you can make adjustments where needed. You will be able to view charts and graphs of your weight-loss progress and learn valuable information about your body and diet. Some of the advantages of being measured with the Emery Tracker are:

  • Most Accurate form of Measurement
  • Scientifically Proven Results
  • Able to see if you are Losing/Gaining Fat or Muscle
  • Receive your BMR or the number of calories your body burns at rest during the course of the day. This measurement is the foundation of Emery's program. Custom designed nutrition plan specifically for your body and your goals