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Weston Stretch is the leading source and educator for today’s advanced stretching technique. Our stretch technique delivers a significant incredible impact on the overall health, injury prevention and recovery of athletes and patients alike.

We tailor a unique full body stretch workout just for you. Whether you are looking to recover from an injury, increase your athletic abilities or simply take some time to relax and recuperate from your busy week, our stretch technique can help you achieve whatever it is your body needs. What makes our specialists unique is their experience and vast knowledge of both traditional and modern practices that are proven to help target problem areas and give you the relief you need.

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Experience Full Body Stretching

Emery Wellness Center is Weston’s premiere Stretching facility. Whether it is active, passive or functional stretching our specialists will design a custom tailored program to ensure you receive optimal results.

Each stretch is one on one, it’s personalized, and tailored specifically to your goals and needs. There are many benefits to assisted stretching, including: faster healing from injuries, improved posture, enhanced awareness of proper body positioning and mechanics, better sports performance, and a significant reduction or even elimination of pain!


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