Cindy Cardena

Cindy Cardena

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
(National Council on Strength and Fitness)
(Holistic Lifestyle Coach I CHEK

Cindy worked at The Midtown (Athletic) Club for 9 years teaching Group Exercise classes and Personal Training.

She recently worked at the YMCA of Weston for 4 ½ years as a Personal Trainer and as a Personal Fitness Director.

Cindy’s passion for Personal training stems from her belief that fitness is a life long journey and a lifestyle. The journey can begin whenever someone is ready to make that commitment to themselves. It’s never too late to start down the path to good health and wellness.

Her personal journey began as a teenager who struggled with her weight. Then she discovered aerobics and started making changes to her diet. The journey continued when she suffered a serious back injury. She was told she would be severely limited with all the activities that she had enjoyed. Through the help of an amazing Trainer Cindy was able to not only continue her fitness goals but to excel. This gave her a true understanding of what it’s like to have to overcome physical limitations.

Cindy specializes in corrective exercise for those who have health issues and/or physical limitations. She also enjoys working with all populations.


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