Eric Johnson

Cindy Cardena

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
(National Strength and Conditioning Association)
& Stretch Zone Specialist

Eric has been in the Personal Training industry for over 12 years. Helping people effectively achieve their fitness goals has always been his true passion. Being active in a variety of sports all his life, taught him the benefits of training and living a healthy lifestyle.

Eric truly believes fitness needs to be all encompassing; a mind, body and spirit approach and make fitness a part of your everyday lifestyle.

Eric has been successful in assisting his clients achieve their health & fitness goals. He enjoys challenging his clients and encouraging them to surpass their physical and mental boundaries by using functional exercises and nutritional planning. He specializes in integrating traditional strength training with a variety of functional exercises.

Eric received his bachelor's degree in Sports Medicine & Exercise Science from Old Dominion University. This education and knowledge have played an integral part in establishing his effective and successful training style which allows clients to progress to their fullest and utmost potential.

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    • Eric Johnson
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